Coffee Break
Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Random business ideas:

Own a resort – vacation is where everyone drops their guard, where playing fields are even, where the shields come down, where everyone is human, where everyone can relate and are being themselves., “Duets” on MTV, American Idol, The Apollo, Def Poetry, anything that gives every day people a chance to shine/perform and experience that high once in their life. Gives people a chance and viewers like viewing real human emotions or regular views/talents. Ideas that get promoted to main stream shouldn’t be because of luck or by who you know or if you’ve got the typical background, walked the typical course.

Tutoring Asian kids for higher education or standardized tests (what Mel made over summer, monetize on dual language skillset).

Who hates paying 5-7% for real estate commission when selling a home? Create real estate company that does transactions based on a set 2% fee or something like that.

Real estate empire. the power of leverage and the access to debt financing in this country. renovate old factories, turn them into lofts (ie: Tindeco Wharf). lots to learn about zoning rights, political connections to get approval for converting a factory though. how about owning university real estate, especially 4 bedroom houses converted into 12 bedrooms (ie: similar to our fraternity house at mich)...except rent them to are too dirty and will ruin the house. women are clean, even when you have 12 living under one roof...sorority will do all the recruiting for you every year...very low vacancy rates....its perfect! property on campuses are expensive though.

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